What's the use of the cabinet? here's the answer

Cabinet has a very important role in the government system of a country. Here are some of the uses of the cabinet:

Decision-making: The Cabinet is responsible for discussing and making important decisions regarding state policies. Cabinet members are usually ministers who are responsible for various fields, such as finance, defence, education, health, and so on. They meet regularly to discuss issues affecting the country and make decisions that have far-reaching implications.

Policy coordination: The Cabinet is responsible for coordinating government policies in various sectors. Each minister is responsible for his own area, and the cabinet helps ensure that the policies are interrelated and support one another. The cabinet also ensures that the government can deal with emerging issues and challenges in a coordinated manner.

Implementation of policies: The Cabinet also has a role in carrying out the policies that have been taken. Each minister is responsible for implementing policies in his field, and the cabinet works together to ensure that those policies are implemented effectively.

Government representation: Cabinet members are often government representatives who act as spokespersons or representatives in national or international forums. They may participate in international negotiations, meetings with foreign government officials, or speak publicly to explain government policies.

Political stability: Cabinets can provide political stability by bringing together various political interests in one forum. In a parliamentary system of government, the cabinet is usually formed by the party or coalition of parties that has a majority in parliament. The existence of this cabinet can help maintain political stability by ensuring that the government has sufficient parliamentary support to carry out its duties.

It is important to note that the roles and functions of the cabinet may vary between countries, depending on each country's system of government and constitution.

Why do they call it a cupboard?

The term "cupboard" which is used to refer to a cabinet in Indonesian is not directly related to the meaning of a cupboard used to store goods. The use of this term is more idiomatic in nature and has nothing to do with the physical function of the cabinet itself.

The term "cupboard" is used in Indonesian as a synonym for "cabinet" in the context of government. This is possible because in the beginning, government cabinets were often in the same room or "wardrobe" where ministers gathered to discuss and make decisions together. Therefore, in everyday language, the use of the term "cupboard" figuratively refers to the cabinet or group of people who are responsible for making decisions.

It should be noted that the use of the term "cupboard" to refer to a cabinet is specific to Indonesian. In other countries, such as in English, the term used is "cabinet" and is not related to the word "cupboard".