What is a bathroom shelf called? here's the answer

A bathroom shelf is a piece of furniture or equipment used to store or organize items normally used in the bathroom. This shelf is specifically designed for bathroom needs, so it usually has characteristics that are resistant to humidity and water.

Bathroom shelves can take various forms, from wall shelves that are mounted above the sink or bathtub, corner shelves that can maximize the use of space, to hanging shelves that are mounted on doors or walls. Bathroom shelves are usually used to store towels, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, storage containers, or other small items that are frequently used in the bathroom.

Bathroom shelves are often made of waterproof materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, or wood that has been coated with a waterproof material. Some bathroom shelves are also equipped with additional assemblies or compartments to make it easier to store and organize bathroom items.

What is another name for bathroom cabinets?

Apart from "bathroom cabinets", there are several other names that are often used to refer to storage furniture in the bathroom. 

Vanity or Vanity cabinet: Usually refers to a cabinet that is installed under the sink or counter in the bathroom. These often include drawers or doors to hide personal items.

Bathroom cabinet: This refers to a cabinet specially designed for use in bathrooms. These cabinets often have drawers, doors, or open shelves for storing bathroom items.

Toilet cupboard: This name is more commonly used in some countries to refer to a cupboard or cabinet located near a toilet. This cupboard can be used to store toilet paper, cleaners, or other supplies.

Bathroom shelf: This refers to an open shelf or wall shelf installed in a bathroom to store items such as towels, containers or other bathroom accessories.

Bathroom hanging shelf: This refers to a shelf that is installed on the door or wall to store bathroom items. Hanging shelves are often useful for utilizing limited space.

Those are some other names that are commonly used to refer to cupboards or storage furniture in the bathroom. However, it is important to note that this terminology may vary depending on geographic area and local preference.