What are bathroom cabinets for? here's the explanation

Bathroom cabinets are furniture specifically designed to store and organize items that are frequently used in the bathroom. Its functionality varies depending on the needs of its users, but among its main purposes are:

Storage of items: Bathroom cabinets provide storage space for various items such as towels, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toiletries and other personal care products. By having a bathroom cabinet, you can keep your bathroom clean and tidy by storing all the things you need in one place.

Organization: Bathroom cabinets allow you to better organize your bathroom items. The shelves and drawers inside allow you to store things in different categories, making it easier for you to find what you need when you shower or tidy up the bathroom.

Protecting things: Bathroom cabinets are usually equipped with doors or covers to protect the things inside from moisture, dust and dirt. This helps extend the life of these items and keeps them clean.

Aesthetics: Apart from its functionality, bathroom cabinets can also be decorative elements in a bathroom. The design and style of the cabinet can provide an aesthetic touch that suits your taste and style of bathroom decoration.

Thus, bathroom cabinets not only help organize and store bathroom items in an orderly manner, but also enhance the function, cleanliness and aesthetics of your bathroom.

What is the difference between dresser and cabinet?

Dressing tables and cabinets are two types of furniture that are often used in bedrooms or dressing rooms. Although both have similar functions in storing and organizing cosmetic items, there are key differences between dressers and cabinets based on their design and functionality. 

Design and Appearance:

Dressing Table: A dressing table usually consists of a table with a large mirror above it. These mirrors are often mounted on the wall behind the counter, but there are also dressers with collapsible mirrors. Dressing tables tend to have an elegant and feminine appearance, with a choice of materials such as wood, glass or other more decorative materials.

Cabinet: A dresser cabinet is similar in design to a dresser, with lockable drawers or doors. They tend to be more functional and practical in their design. Dressing cabinets can have mirrors on their doorsteps or above them, but the main focus is on storage and organization of cosmetic items.


Dressing Table: A dressing table is a place where one can sit and do the activities of putting on makeup, doing hair, and getting ready. They are usually equipped with additional storage space such as drawers or small shelves under the counter to store cosmetic products and accessories.

Cabinet: Dressing cabinets focus more on storage and organization. They have specially designed drawers, shelves and compartments to store various cosmetic products, jewelry, hair tools or other makeup accessories. Dressing cabinets are often wider and offer more storage space than dressers.

Space and Usage:

Dressing Table: Dressing table is usually used as an area for self-makeup and daily preparation. They are often placed in bedrooms or bathrooms and decorated with mirrors, vanity lamps and other decorative accessories.

Cabinet: Dressing cabinet can be placed in a dedicated powder room or bedroom. They provide a place to store and organize various make-up items, which makes access easy and keeps things clean.

While there is a difference between dressers and cabinets, often the two are used together in a powder room to create a more complete and functional look. A dresser provides a work area and a mirror, while a dresser provides more storage space.