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We check all sites manually for user value and unique content. If you don't have that we probably wont list you. We only allow good quality travel resources in our holiday site directory. We want to give travelers, sites of good unique material, like this one. We don't want sites that are all copied info and we don't want sites that don't work. Good information and good looking holiday resource sites are what we want for our readers. If you are one then great .. go for it .. submit to us. If you are not we will not list you. All fields are required.

Another thing we pride ourselves on is making the information in the directory unique. Please don't be surprised if we change what you send us slightly. We will look at your site and we will comment honestly on it. If it gets listed you know we think it is good so, what we write for you will reflect that.

The way we build our directory is simple and we believe of use to our readers. Give our site an honest review on your site.

  • For the link text choose something fitting. The company name or for internal pages something that describes the content. A user has little knowledge of what is under the link so, make it unambiguous. "cheap hotels in city-name" would be an example.
  • For the description, give your readers an honest description on your pages. Make it like a review of the site.

If you want to link to us, please do so intelligently.