Reviews of Coves del Drac in Majorca - The Dragon Caves

These incredible natural caves are located near Porto Cristo, on Majorca's eastern shore. Easy to get to and well signposted they are a must for visitors.

These are the largest and most impressive of Mallorca's several cave systems. They have been one of the leading tourist attractions here since 1935. It was in then that Carlos Buigas first fitted the caves with lights.

Today they illuminate the most stunning of the myriad speleothems (cave formations). So impressed was he with his own work, he refused to accept payment for it, even though it took him half a year to complete.

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Tours of the Caves

An official tour is often the best way to see a tourist attraction. This is definitely a good option with these caves.

It takes about an hour to see everything the Dragon Caves have to offer.
First you'll be led through the caverns' three primary areas:

  • Cueva Negra (Black Cave);
  • Cueva Blanca (White Cave), where you'll see del Drac's monolithic, trademark limestone stalactites and stalagmites;
  • Cueva Luis Salvator, named after Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria.

The Archduke was one of the caves' illustrious visitors. He invited the explorer Edouard-Alfred Martel here in 1896.

Martel duly discovered what has now become the final stop on the tour, Cueva de los Franceses (Cave of the French). This cave lies across the largest subterranean lake in Europe, named Lake Martel in his honour. It is a natural auditorium capable of holding a thousand people, which it generally does in the summer. A modern addition now stands adjacent the lake, where a floating classical concert finishes each tour in style.

Amy Jukes wrote in to tell us:

They were interesting but we had our daughter with us who is 3yrs and she got fed up its also quite dangerous for them as there is severe drops and water each side of the walkway with only railings to stop them falling. Its not somewere that I would reccommend for them untill they are about 6yrs old

Amy rated this attraction: 5 out of 10

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