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The undiscovered wonder of the canary Islands awaits. A La Palma hotel has never been so cheap and easy to find as it is today. Yet, when you arrive you will understand fully why is is called the pretty Island of the Canaries. Search or choose from the best selection of accommodation at the best prices available. Also discover some of the wonders that lie in store for you from the holiday guide below.

Picture of Maritimo

Guest Rating 4.71 out of 5

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Avda. Maritima 75 Santa Cruz de la Palma
Rooms from EUR 46.00

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Guest Rating 4.10 out of 5

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Playa de Los Cancajos, Breņa baja Breņa Baja
Rooms from EUR 63.00

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Guest Rating 3.75 out of 5

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Progreso Tazacorte
Rooms from EUR 0.00

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Guide to La Palma Holidays

If you're set on a holiday in the Canaries and want a lush green backdrop to go with your beaches and mountains, then look no further than La Palma! Nicknamed the Pretty Isle, (a real compliment considering its neighbours) this one has it all: spectacular scenery, hot weather, splendid beaches and lots to do.

See the Natural Beauty of La Palma Canary Islands

La Palma is the most Northwesterly Island of the archipelago. It's home some spectacular natural wonders. This includes one of the world's largest volcanic craters which is five and a half miles wide. Another of its distinguishing features is its black-sand beaches. These are just as beautiful as their more regular golden counterparts but, there are less people on them.

A Quieter More Relaxing Holiday in the Sun

This island can prove to be a quieter option for your holidays. It has many splendid walks available to visitors which can be done with a guide and or freestyle. You can explore through its expansive caves. See the fabulous selection of (inactive) volcanoes amongst the tropical rainforest in the Northeast.

Santa Cruz de la Palma

The Island's towns here have their charms as well. Its capital, Santa Cruz de la Palma has a combination of traditional streets, squares, white houses and multicoloured boulevards. All of these are lively at most times. They become radiant with people enjoying themselves during the many carnivals. Santa Cruz is also THE place to sample some delicious local tapas. Wholesome and tasty using fresh local ingredients as they have done for years.