Capilla Mayor Seville Cathedral's Main Alter

The grandeur of the Cathedral of Seville can be felt in both its monumental size and intricate design. Such character makes it hard for anyone to describe it in a few words. Located in the central nave, the main chapel or Capilla Mayor is a worth a visit alone much like the Giralda Tower is. Once known as the Cathedral de Santa Maria de la Sede, translateing to Saint Mary of the See in English. The construction of this incredible golden ater of worship would take over 120 years beginning in 1402. The completion of the Retablo Mayor in 1526 marked the end of principal works.

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All across the world, countries or regions, flower when a series of fortunate or unfortunate events collide and coalesce. In human beings this reaction can produce beauty and ingenuity in art, craft, engineering and many other fields. Beginning in the XVth Century, Flemish art would capture peopleís imagination with its advances in painting, tapestry and woodcarving. We do not know much about Pierre Dancart, the man behind the Retablo Mayor or main altarpiece, except that he was Flemish. He arrived on the scene in 1482 and would spend 44 years making what you see before today.

This golden alter is quite awe inspireing to see in all its glory It is beyond words to describe it in its entirety here. One just has to go to Seville and see for oneself.

If you enter the building through the Puerta de la Granada or Puerta Colorada, and walk up the length of the main nave, the effect is tremendous. Gothic and Baroque styles have merged seamlessly. The silver image of the Virgin Mary can be easily picked out at such a distance. The area around the altar is wonderfully lit generating interesting effects. It will be difficult to not want to take a picture or two as you approach the Retablo Mayor. The Capilla Mayor contains numerous side chapels. Each one is named after a particular sponsor and unique in its own right.

Unfortunately, massive iron grills permanently separate the visitor and penitent from the Retablo Mayor. Great care was taken to build them, as records show that it took 14 years to do so. The city of Seville was one of the Spanish ports importing gold from the Americas. You can glimpse its presence here. The city could afford to put some all over the cathedralís expanse. To worship or to just look always worth a few hours in my opinion

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